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iceweasel profile

Tips and Instructional topics. Not for support questions.

iceweasel profile

Postby nadir » Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:09 am

Look at the next post by fsmithred:
It explains it all in two simple steps
(first backing up your old ~/.mozilla folder is a good idea, but so are backups in general. No need to point it out).

reminder for myself.

Especially if you use tor or other darknets, you might want to create a second profile.
Figuring that out was more hard than it seemed.
Here is what i did:

1) I kept the already setup profile in the default location ~/.mozilla
2) I made a backup of it: cp -r ~/.mozilla ~/Tmp/mozilla_dark_backup
3) I created a new folder for the new profile: mkdir ~/.mozilla_clear
4) I ran: iceweasel -P
5) I renamed the old profile (default) to "dark"
6) I created a new profile and called it "clear" and set the folder to ~/.mozilla_clear
7) I unticked "Don't ask when iceweasel starts"

The most important part is to make a good backup of your working profile. This _is_ more confusing than it sounds.

I haven't found a way to store both profiles in ~/.mozilla

Now i can run a simple "iceweasel" and will choose "dark" or "clear", depending what i want to do.

Switching those profiles all the time is obviously a security risk (fingerprinting). You might want to assing yourelf a new tor identity before switching back to "iceweasel -P dark" (with vidalia or tor-arm).
I need clearnet every other day and am tired of using chromium or other brothers which don't do what i want (html5), like epiphany or can't be configured or miss plugins like https-everywhere.
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So i herd u liek mudkip?
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Re: iceweasel profile

Postby fsmithred » Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:19 am

iceweasel -P
Profile manager comes up.
Un-check the box for "Don't ask".
Click on Create, then Next.
Give it a unique name.

The new profile gets stored in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<some-new-string>.unique_name

The new profile gets the default bookmarks from /usr/share/iceweasel/defaults/profile/bookmarks.html
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Re: iceweasel profile

Postby nadir » Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:15 pm

That's much better. Thanks.

My main fear was to lose my old profile (which happened to me when i did it wrong while trying to figure it out).
So i herd u liek mudkip?
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