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Skel Copy feature.

Refracta Development, Scripts, etc.

Skel Copy feature.

Postby raymerjacque » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:17 pm


Could you add an automated copy home to skel section into your script ? I don't know if you use this feature for your distro's but most guys will. it makes a backup of config files from the user/home directory to the /etc/skel/ folder to create a template for when you create new users on the system. in a nutshell if you create a new user it will create a home directory from the template in skel folder, thus pull the settings the old user backed up. here is a script i modified from remastersys seperately to do this :

Code: Select all
#Backup Utility

    echo "Welcome to Backup-Tool"
    sleep 2
    echo "We will First Backup the home/user/ directory to /etc/skel"
    echo "Once this Backup is completed, You can run snapshot to create the ISO."
    sleep 2
    echo "We begin in 8 seconds..."
    sleep 8


if [ "$testroot" != "root" ]; then
    echo "Must be root"
    exit 1

if [ "$SKELUSER" = "" ]; then
    echo "Usage is: skelcopy username"
    echo "Where username is a valid user on the system"
    exit 1

SKELFOLDER=`grep "^$SKELUSER:" /etc/passwd | awk -F ":" '{print $6}'`

if [ -d "$SKELFOLDER" ]; then
    echo "Commence with Backup process"
    sleep 2
    echo "Get rid of old files and folders in /etc/skel"
    sleep 2
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.cinnamon
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.config
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gconf
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gnupg
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.icons
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.kde*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.linuxmint
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.local
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.pki
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.ssh
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.tickr
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.bash_history
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.bash_logout
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.dmrc
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.bacon
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.xscreensaver
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.bashrc
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.profile
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gconf
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gnome2
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gnome
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.chrome
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.chromium
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.google-chromium
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.mozilla
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.icons
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.themes
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.xfce
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.xfce4
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.local
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.icewm*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.fvwm*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.afterstep*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gtkrc*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.mate*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.pekwm*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.qt*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.kde*
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.razor
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.wbar
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.mplayer
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.wine
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.xfce
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.xfce4
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.kde
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gnome
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.gnome2
    echo "Finished Deleting files from /etc/skel"
    sleep 2
    echo "We will now copy over new files to /etc/skel"
    sleep 5
    echo "Copying current user profile and config files to /etc/skel"
    sleep 5
    sed -i -e "s/$SKELUSER//g" /etc/skel/.xscreensaver
    rsync -a .cinnamon /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .config /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .xfce /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .xfce4 /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .kde /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .gnome /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .gnome2 /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .gconf /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .gnupg /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .icons /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .linuxmint /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .local /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .pki /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .ssh /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .themes /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .tickr /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .bashrc /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .bash_history /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .bash_logout /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .dmrc /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .profile /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .face /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .mozilla /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .chromium /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .google-chrome /etc/skel/
    rsync -a .google-chromium /etc/skel/
    echo "Ignore any missing file errors"
    echo "We delete some useless left over files from /etc/skel"
    sleep 5
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.wine
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.dbus
    rm -rf /etc/skel/.config/user-dirs.locale
    echo "Setting up Permissions on /etc/skel"
    sleep 5
    chown -R root:root /etc/skel
    sleep 2
    echo "All Finished, User configuration Back up complete."
    echo "$1 either not found or doesn't have a proper home folder - exiting."
    exit 1

save the filename as "skelcopy" in /usr/bin/

the default command used to run the script : sudo skelcopy user

the command I use to run the script : sudo skelcopy ${USER:=$(/usr/bin/id -run)}

( this just lets the script automatically use the currently logged in user )

Maybe you could add it into yours as a side script that can be enabled in your refractsnapshot config file, it would automate the backup to skel process, it should run before the actual snapshot starts. it is a simple script, but Very effective :)
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Re: Skel Copy feature.

Postby fsmithred » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:57 pm

I did put some user configs in /etc/skel in the refracta8.2 isos, but I removed them in 8.3. Instead, there are some config files in /etc/xdg. That may change again when the new devuan desktop-base package is finished, which should make custom theming easier for downstream distros.

I see some potential problems with the stuff that's getting copied in your script. The user's .ssh and .gnupg dirs should generally not be shared with other users. The browser caches and bash_history also may contain things you don't want to share. And some of the configfiles may contain "/home/username" that won't match with the new user.

If someone wants to put extra config files in /etc/skel, those files will get copied into the snapshot. Why would you want to update them right before making a snapshot? I would think it best to put them in /etc/skel before there's any cache or history in there. Anyway, I'm not saying yes or no. I'll look at this again later. Thanks.
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Re: Skel Copy feature.

Postby thwak » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:00 pm

Preconfigured templates for browser profile require special handling.
As fsmithred mentioned, due to user-specific hardcoded paths (within preferences file, addon config files, sqlite3 database files) you will introduce breakage by attempting to just copy .mozilla to and from set/skel
I don't know chrome. For firefox, there's a CCK2 utility dedicated to the task of creating a custom, pre-configured profile.

Code: Select all
rm -rf /etc/skel/.linuxmint
    .  .  .
rm -rf /etc/skel/.tickr

How did each of these items come into existence?
Unless I could be certain of the answer for each prospective removal candidate, I would hesitate to remove it. Seems like you're attempting to reduce clutter. I'm all for that, but if any of those files were placed during debootstrap... who can guess what will happen (break) when programs are unable to find a particular DEFAULT config, missing because I (you) chose to axe (for instance) rm -rf etc/skel/.pki

To establish "system-wide defaults", files residing in several paths other than etc/skel must be customized. For instance the default "rules" file, for UFW, IIRC is not pathed under etc/skel. To find the various places customized default config files may need to be placed, it will be enlightening for you to highlight a given program (package) within synaptic, then refer to the ("Details" pane) "installed files" listing for the package.
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