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Refracta-8.0 Official Release

For general announcements.

Refracta-8.0 Official Release

Postby fsmithred » Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:41 pm

Refracta-8.0 has arrived. It's been a long haul on this release. When we started on this one, jessie was in testing, and we were still using Debian. Devuan didn't even exist at that time. Debian made systemd the default, and we soon learned of the difficulties raised by avoiding it.

At first, we had to do some serious configuration gymnastics to get it to work. Then along came Devuan, and when it looked like it was mature enough, we switched our base from Debian to Devuan.

My thanks go to everyone who helped in any way. All the members of the refracta team, people who contributed code, suggestions, criticisms and encouragement were all essential in making this happen.

The amd64 build is finished, and the i386 build has been updated with newer versions of tools and some fixes, especially the multi-language support.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/refrac ... isohybrid/

fsmithred Oct. 14, 2016
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Re: Refracta-8.0 Official Release

Postby figlfdev » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:42 am

congrats on this milestone!

i generally check out new versions of refracta by putting them into the latest version of fig os, which i havent decided to do yet.

i dont normally hesitate to include the latest, i simply havent worked on fig os in a few days. ive been working on another book for fig thats either a little more advanced than the one included in fig os-- or simply more difficult to use. :) chapter two is on loops, and walks the reader through creating a small "programming language," so, yeah...

there was a time when it felt like debian, bash and python provided most of what i needed for everyday computing and development. then came systemd, and it quickly became clear i would need to change some things, like switching to devuan, refracta, and creating a programming language while getting acclimated to the new distro family.

things werent "quite right" until i started using refracta, but with devuan itself they were very close! at this point, half of what im doing right now (even if you dont count fig os) simply wouldnt be the same without your work-- thank you so much for giving devuan exactly what it needs right now. im sure we still have way to go with that cruft underneath; though between your work and theirs, debians never been better-- imo, of course!
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