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Refracta Development, Scripts, etc.


Postby figlfdev » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:17 pm

im thinking of adding a script to fig os called refracta-noclobberinstaller.

i can certainly change the name (and i was going to add a note regarding the changes and who did NOT make them) though its just going to be refractainstaller:

* without mke2fs lines commented (including the check_whatever that comes after)
* same for rm -rf lines commented

thinking of making it not +x (person who wants to use it can +x the thing) and putting a note that says "dont use this unless you know what youre doing-- run refractainstaller instead, it will erase all data on the target partitions."

the reason is that i tried this by hand (yes, it tells you not to) and i got rid of the mke2fs lines, and forgot the rm -rf lines...

it was so helpful, letting me know that it...


had a really wild (pretty excellent) week, that was the worst part of it-- if it had to happen on one of my systems, it might as well be that one. i do backup, they obviously werent part of this particular case.

still, im thinking of making a script called refracta-noclobberinstaller, and not having it +x (and having a warning that its not the usual installer, nor checked out by the usual authors.)

the usual refractainstaller will remain unalterered and +x --probably not wise to meddle with it.

comments welcome-- in fact if youve got them, this is a request.
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Re: refracta-noclobberinstaller

Postby fsmithred » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:49 am

I'm confused. The 'rm -rf' lines should just remove empty mountpoints. And the mke2fs lines should be avoidable by using the "Do not format" option. If these aren't working right, I need to know.

There have been some old discussions about this. Threre are some addtional tweaks you might need to make with the --delete portions of the rsync lines. See what dzz had to say about it. I don't remember what he was doing with it.

Edit: Wow. We've obviously fallen off the google search grid. A search for the words rsync and delete only brings up three hits. If I add the word format, there are no hits. That's for five years of discussion about three tools that use rsync and format. Is the internet dying?

If I can remember what the thread was about, maybe I can find it. It was at least a year ago, more likely two years ago. The Do not format option appeared in refractainstaller 9.0.9,, around the end of 2013 or early in 2014.
Try this one - new-versions-of-installer-and-snapshot-9-1-x-for-sid-t383-40.html#p3788 or (I searched for 'filter lost+found').
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Re: refracta-noclobberinstaller

Postby nadir » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:56 pm

Well: What would be the absolute minimum needed?
tell the installer which partition to use (for example as an argument "installer-name /dev/sda1").
create a partition/filesystem
rsync the whole shebang over (including to exclude some stuff)
install grub

Thats all? Sounds like way less than 100 lines, doesn't it?
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Re: refracta-noclobberinstaller

Postby fsmithred » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:55 pm

105 if you count blank lines and comments.
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I'm surprised I remembered the name. And where is he, anyway?
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