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Multiboot usb toram

Tips and Instructional topics. Not for support questions.

Multiboot usb toram

Postby fsmithred » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:05 pm

From the refracta2usb help file.

Using the toram option with a multiboot live-usb causes the entire
first partition to be copied to RAM. This fails if the partition is
larger than the available RAM. Note that this does NOT occur if you
use an intact iso file with the findiso option (ISO_2 in main menu)

For a live system made from unpacked iso or from live session, add
the following to the boot command:

For a live system made from intact iso and using findiso option,
just adding 'toram' will work (ISO_2).

Here is a typical layout of a multiboot usb with both syslinux and EFI boot files.
refracta8_amd64 is from an unpacked iso.
jessie-ice has the intact iso and uses the findiso option.

Code: Select all
   |── boot
   │   └── grub
   │       ├── efiboot.img
   │       ├── font.pf2
   │       ├── grub.cfg
   │       ├── splash.png
   │       └── x86_64-efi
   |── efi
   │   └── boot
   │       └── bootx64.efi
   ├── jessie_ice
   │   ├── initrd.img
   │   ├── jessie-ice-template-20170103_1454.iso
   │   └── vmlinuz
   ├── refracta8_amd64
   │   ├── live
   │   │   ├── filesystem.squashfs
   │   │   ├── initrd.img
   │   │   ├── memtest
   │   │   ├── vmlinuz
   │   └── pkglist_refracta8_xfce_amd64_rc1-20160923_1334
   │       └── package_list
   └── syslinux
       ├── live.cfg
       ├── (other files)

These are the relevant syslinux boot menu entries to load the system into RAM.
The block below this shows the same entries in the grub boot menu.
refracta2usb will create these entries but will not automatically add the toram/toram= option. You can add it at the Menu Options window or edit the boot menu manually.

Code: Select all
label jessie_ice
   menu label jessie_ice
    kernel /jessie_ice/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/jessie_ice/initrd.img boot=live  findiso=/jessie_ice/jessie-ice-template-20170103_1454.iso toram

label refracta8_amd64
   menu label refracta8_amd64
    kernel /refracta8_amd64/live/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/refracta8_amd64/live/initrd.img boot=live live-media-path=/refracta8_amd64/live  toram=filesystem.squashfs

Code: Select all
menuentry "jessie_ice " {
    set gfxpayload=keep
    linux   /jessie_ice/vmlinuz boot=live findiso=/jessie_ice/jessie-ice-template-20170103_1454.iso toram
    initrd  /jessie_ice/initrd.img

menuentry "refracta8_amd64 " {
    set gfxpayload=keep
    linux   /refracta8_amd64/live/vmlinuz boot=live live-media-path=/refracta8_amd64/live toram=filesystem.squashfs
    initrd  /refracta8_amd64/live/initrd.img
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